Group menu 3

26 Feb 2020


Creamy burrata cheese with rocket, diced tomato and Genovese pesto
Fried squid rings
Chargrilled provolone with Menorcan sobrassada sausage
Spicy chicken strips with tartar sauce
Our fried eggs with french fries and Iberian ham

Main courses to choose

Chargrilled veal steak with chimichurri
Grilled tuna steak with guacamole and nachos
Chargrilled pork shoulder fillet


Raspberry cheesecake
Mandarin sorbet


Our own Ilda’s craft beer or white, rosé or red Coto de Hayas Semi-Crianza wine
Mineral water and coffee
* One drink per person. One bottle of wine per four people. Please ask about the supplement for extra drinks.

26,00€ - IVA incl.
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